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Printing / Scanning

You can print your documents with networked printers in IT Center and Satellite Station.
Printing service is provided in exchange for the printing points you have.

Using Printing Services

You need the following for using the printing services

Student ID Card /Staff ID Card(Entrance Permission Card)、Printing points

Print Point

You can print up to 300 points free of charge. You are given 300 points for each half semester.

First Semester (4/1 - 9/30)
300 Points
Second Semester (10/1 - 3/31)
300 Points

Points needed for single side printing

1 Point
Full color
5 Points

Check the Print Point

Check the Print Point

Add Print Point

Printing in excess of 300 points can be done for a charge. (1 point/10 yen)
Purchase a stamp worth the points you need (1 point/10 yen) at the Kyomu-Center(Center for Academic Affairs), fill out the application form for additional printing points at the reception corner on 2F at IT Center, put the stamp on the form, and submit it.
The points will be added about 10 minutes after submitting the application.

Printer locations

IT Center: 10 printers、Satellite Station: 5 printers

Printing functions

Monochrome printing, full color printing
Paper sizes: A4, A3, B4, and B5
Other functions
Duplex printing, all-on-one-sheet printing (N up)

  • Points expire at the end of each semester and are not transferable to the subsequent semester.
  • The stamps are not refundable once they are purchased. Be sure to add only the number of points you need.
  • Printing papers are already set in the printers. You cannot bring your own papers for printing.


How to use Network Printer

  1. Execute printing from PC.
    (The network printer you will use is designated in advance.)
  2. Go to the designated printer.
    (Printing can be done from any of the printers placed in IT Center (10 printers) and Satellite Station (5 printers).
  3. Set your student ID card or staff ID card(entrance permission card) upon the casr reader.
    (After a high-pitched tone is given, the authentication is complete.)
  4. Touch the icon on the left upper corner of the operation panel.
    The printing job list is displayed.
  5. Touch the items you want to print out and then touch the '[プリント](Print)' button.
  6. The printing begins.
    After printing, press the'['認証](Authentication)' button on the operation panel for a logout.

In case you don't carry your Student ID Card /Staff ID Card(Entrance Permission Card), you can

  1. Touch '[認証](authentication)' button on the operation panel.
  2. Enter your user ID and press '[次へ](Next)'.
    Use the keyboard of the screen for entry.
  3. Enter your password and press '[確定](Confirm)'
  • In case of printing PDF, power point files or other large-size materials, it may take some time before the printing begins. (A few minutes to 10+ minutes) If the printing doesn't begin even after a while, don't execute printing repeatedly, but call a student staff.
  • The printing job data is saved for 24 hours.

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