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User ID and Password

You need a user ID and password issued by Kansai University to use school PCs, the campus network, portal Websites and E-mail services.
Your user ID consists of 1 alphabetical character and 6 numbers (e.g.: k999999, t999999, p999999).

What is my user ID and password?


  • User ID/Your user ID is given on the IT Center User ID column of the "Enrollment Confirmation card" supplied with your student card.
  • Initial password/The "Password Notification" is distributed at school entry.

Full-time/Part-time Teachers

A "Password Notification" containing your user ID and initial password will be sent by post from the Kyomu-Center(Center for Academic Affairs).

Changing Password

Change the initial password described on the "Password Notification" immediately.

Change your password at least every 90 days for your security.

Change Your Password(JPN Only)

Password rules
  • Set a password made up of 8 characters.
  • Your password should include 2 or more alphabetical characters and 1 or more numbers.
  • You can use single-byte alphanumeric characters and symbols
    (! # $ % & ( ) * + - . ; : < = > ? @ ~ [ ] ^ _ { | } /).
  • You cannot use your user ID as your password.
  • You cannot set a password containing the same three or more consecutive characters as the previous password (case-insensitive).
  1. Access the following URL with an Internet browser.
    Enter your '[利用者ID](User ID)' and '[パスワード](Current Password)'.
    Click '[ログイン](login)'.
  2. Click '[パスワードの変更](Change Password)'.
  3. Enter your '[パスワード](New Password)' and '[パスワードの確認](New Password)'.
    Click '[パスワードの変更](Change Password)'.
  4. Click [OK].

What if I forget my user ID or password?

In case "you forgot your password," "you don't know your password," "you forgot the registered pattern for issuing one-time password," or you need other help with your password, report to the locations indicated below. After confirming your identity, password resetting or one-time password initialization can be processed. We don't accept to reset your password upon request on the phone or by FAX as your identity needs to be confirmed.
You need to bring your ID card issued by the University for identification.

[Senriyama Campus]
IT Center 4F Information desk
[Takatsuki Campus]
Office of Faculty of INFORMATICS
[Takatsuki Muse Campus]
Muse office
[Sakai Campus]
PC Lab Reception desk

One-time Password

A one-time password can be used only one login session. For use of high security services such as VPN connection, access is authenticated with one-time password.Pattern registration is required in advance for issuance of your one-time password.

Set Your One-time Password(JPN Only)

Set Your One-time Password (PDF:388KB) Authentication

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