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Data Storage

All data saved on the hard disk of a PC in IT Center or Satellite Station is deleted when shutting down the PC.
Necessary data needs to be saved in external data storage such as USB flash memory or Z drive (file server).

How to Store your Data

File Server "Z-Drive"

File server is installed in IT Center and Satellite Station allocating a disk space of 1 GB for each user.
Saving your data in the file server enables you to share your own data on and off campus without carrying a USB flash memory or other media.
In all PCs in IT Center and Satellite Station, the saving destination of the file server is designated as "Z-Drive".


*When using Z-drive from office or home, access with an Internet browser.

Storage Media

The media listed below can be used for saving data in a PC in IT Center or Satellite Station.

  • CD-R、DVD-R
  • USB flash memory

Remove USB flash memory from a PC in the following procedure

  1. Click the icon'[ハードウェアを安全な取り外してメディアを取り出す](Safely Remove Hardware and Eject media)'.
  2. Click'[USB Flash Disk取り出し] (Eject USB Mass Storage Device/Drive)'.
    *Do not Click '[FeliCa Port/PaSoRiの取り出し](Eject FeliCa Port/PaSoRi)'
  3. Message'[ハードウェアの取り外し] (Safe To Remove Hardware)' is displayed.
  4. Remove the USB flash memory.
  • Save your data frequently for unexpected situations such as PC crash, etc.

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