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Data Storage

All data saved on the hard disk of a PC in IT Center or Satellite Station is deleted when shutting down the PC.
Necessary data needs to be saved in external data storage such as USB flash memory or Dropbox (kansai University).

How to Store your Data

Storage Media

The media listed below can be used for saving data in a PC in IT Center or Satellite Station.

  • CD-R、DVD-R
  • USB flash memory

Remove USB flash memory from a PC in the following procedure

  1. Click the icon'[ハードウェアを安全な取り外してメディアを取り出す](Safely Remove Hardware and Eject media)'.
  2. Click'[USB Flash Disk取り出し] (Eject USB Mass Storage Device/Drive)'.
    *Do not Click '[FeliCa Port/PaSoRiの取り出し](Eject FeliCa Port/PaSoRi)'
  3. Message'[ハードウェアの取り外し] (Safe To Remove Hardware)' is displayed.
  4. Remove the USB flash memory.
  • Save your data frequently for unexpected situations such as PC crash, etc.

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