KU Web Mail(Office365mail)

KU Web Mail is an email system accessible via an Internet browser. You can send and receive email anywhere, at home, from a PC outside, if you have access to the Internet and an Internet browser. This service can also be used on your mobile phone, smart phone, or other mobile devices.

How to use KU Web Mail

To use the service, "IT Center Account Activation" is required.

  1. Access KU Web Mail(Office365mail) with an Internet browser.
  2. Enter your ID(Your user and password, and sign-in.
  3. Click mail-tile.

What is my e-mail address?

Your email address is follows:
Your user
E.g.: in case your user ID is "k999999," your email address is "".

The full-time faculty members can apply for a mail account of your choice (alias before "@") at the time of "IT Center Account Application."
The email address will be "[alias]".
E.g.: in case your alias is "kenji," your email address is "".

  • The mailbox size is 50 GB.
  • The limit of file size that can be sent at one time is 25 MB. When exceeding 25 MB, the mail cannot be sent and an error message is given.
  • The period of use is while you belong to (employed by) the University.

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