VPN Connection

VPN connection is a service that enables secure connection with the network of Kansai University from an off-campus network such as a commercial Internet service provider. You can be connected to the on-campus network from an off-campus PC to use the on-campus services.

What You Can Do with a VPN Connection

  • You can browse on-campus Websites unaccessible from off-campus.
  • You can remotely access to the on-campus servers such as remote login or file transfer.
  • You can access a part of library databases and e-journals available on the Kansai University library Website.
    * Check the ’学外からの電子資料へのアクセスについてPrecautions for Use ’on the library website. (JPN Only).

How to connect to VPN Connection

To use the service, "IT Center Account Activation" are required.

  1. Access SSL-VPN login screen with an Internet browser.
  2. Enter your user ID , and click Next.
  3. One-time password has been sent to the Kansai University mail address.
  4. Enter one-time password, and click login button.
  5. When you use the service for the first time, “Installation of add-on software” is require. Refer to the setup guide and proceed with settings and using the services.

Setup Guide Authentication


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